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Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Market intelligence & Scoping studies; Market opportunties screening; Funding proposal development; Dissemination of best practices; Investor-investee matchmaking

Business description: Covestro is a leading supplier of high tech polymers that develops and manufactures products used in many areas of our daily life. Covestro believes in developing products and processes that improve people’s lives, help conserve the planet, and move the company’s business forward is at the heart of Covestro’s sustainability positioning.

Covestro’s materials are already benefiting the top of pyramid. Why not develop sustainable solutions for the underserved market with our materials as well? We aim to reach and ecomonically benefit 10,000,000 people in the underserved markets by 2025.

Covestro’s Inclusive Business aims to encourage economic transformation through food securities. Because we believe with better food securities and post-harvest management we can reduce food waste and increase livelihood. Covestro hopes to explore and potentially collaborate with agri entrepreneurs and other route to market partners to develop a sustainable ecosystem for local farming cooperatives.

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers in the business model.

Covestro – a leading producer of high-tech polymer materials – is developing affordable solutions to benefit low-income populations in Asia. Their solar dryers and cold storage units reduce agricultural post-harvest losses and provide new opportunities to process fruits and vegetables, while affordable housing applications help in rebuilding the lives of communities and victims of disaster-prone areas.