Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Funding proposal development; Value chain development; Due diligence; Market intelligence & Scoping studies

Business description: Established in 1989, DOMESCO Medical Import Export Joint Stock Corporation is specialized in research, development, production, marketing and trading of pharmaceuticals, medicines derived from pharmaceutical materials, foodstuffs, functional food, pure drinking water and medical beverages, etc. DOMESCO Corporation operates in import and export of medicines, medicine materials, food-functional foods, medical supplies, and medical equipment for medical examination and treatment for the whole people. Under the slogan “For quality of life”, DOMESCO produces a variety of quality, safe and effective medicines in order to bring a healthy and happy life to the communities.

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as distributors and employees of the business model.

Low-income farmers is the core part in the value chain of this project as they cultivate and supply the herb for the company.

Low-income farmers cultivate and supply the Stevia plant for our company. The company train and source medicinal products from farmers. Each year, a farmer household can earn VND 6mil – 8mil/ha from cultivating the herb, which is more profitable than rice production (VND 4mil – 6mil/ha).