Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Business readiness (Branding & Marketing)

Business description: Hiep Thanh Company is the leading trading house and producer group in Vietnam for sustainable agricultural products like teas, spices, and herbs.

We aim for single-origin speciality quality, with certifications such as Fairtrade, Rainforest Alliance, Organic and others.

Founded in 2001, Hiep Thanh was built on the idea of bringing tea producers and buyers closer together (Hiep Thanh’s name is Vietnamese for “Successful Cooperation”), bridging tradition and innovation.
Since then, we have established an ecosystem of producers for all the tea regions in Vietnam, big and small. In particular, Hiep Thanh has established strategic partnerships in all of Vietnam’s highest quality highland tea areas, built 20 factories, and brought 8000 MT/year of Vietnamese teas, bulk and speciality, to international markets.

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers, producers and employees of the business model.

Many of our areas have some of the poorest and hardest reached communities in Vietnam. With our producers, we support farmers with our nurseries, fertilizer, machinery, processing and agricultural extension services. At this point, we work with 10,000 households, 3000 of which are part of the 60 farmer groups and cooperatives we helped set up.

Website: http://vinagro.com.vn/