Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Inclusive business planning; Value chain development; Public policy support; Impact measurement

Business description: In Vietnam, poultry production plays a crucial role by providing households with valuable protein sources as well as cash opportunities. Due to urbanization, a rapid growing population, and a desire for a healthy lifestyle, demand for innovations in Vietnam’s livestock industry is urgent. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (2012) forecasted that Vietnam’s demand for eggs is set to double, while demand for poultry meat is expected to triple by 2020. However, the current capacity in egg production is not able to meet local demand. Poultry and egg production in Vietnam is mainly in the hands of small-scale producers, who lack knowledge and access to production innovation, mainly due to a lack of investment capital and limited ability to prevent and control diseases. In addition to a chicken farm located in the heart of Tra Vinh province, the business aims to source from local smallholder farmers to create additional income for local low-income households.

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers, producers, distributors, and employees in the business model.