Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Market intelligence & Scoping studies; Market opportunties screening; Funding proposal development

Business description: Lam Son Sugar Group or Lasuco, is the leading sugar producer in Vietnam. Lasuco is the largest of Vietnam’s formerly government-held companies to be privatized. Lasuco operates two sugar refineries, with a total capacity of nearly 10,500 tons cane per day, fed by farmers throughout the mountainous Lam Son region in northern Vietnam.

In addition to sugar refining, Lasuco has been branching out in an effort to make full use of sugarcane. In addition to its two sugar refineries, Lasuco operates one alcohol production facility with a capacity of 25 million liters per year for the export market, a Spirit and Wine Company, a Argicultural Mechenization Company, 3 Investment and Trading Companies and numerous affiliated Companies

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as producers in the business model.

The company has played a primary role in shifting the region from subsistence farming to the profitable planting of sugarcane, and continues to support farmers through: technological services, such as the introduction of new, higher-yield seed varieties; and financial support, including loans underwriting farmers’ preparation, seed, planting machine, harvester, fertilizer, and labor costs.