Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Inclusive business planning; Value chain development; Public policy support; Impact measurement; Business readiness (Branding & Marketing, Distribution network)

Business description: In Quang Binh, cassava, along with rice and rubber trees, is considered an important crop in agricultural production. Cassava brings opportunities to improve the livelihoods of local people and reduce poverty. Tapioca starch is used as input material in many production and processing industries serving human needs.

Long Giang Thinh Consultant and Investment JSC was established in 2007 and is located in Quang Ninh district, Quang Binh province. Its business focus is on the agriculture industry, specifically in cassava, cassava starch and tapioca. It is one of the 02 companies in Quang Binh which process tapioca starch, purchasing about 90-95% of the cassava producted in the province. Its production capacity reaches 10,000 tons of starch/year, of which 87% of the cassava production was exported to China and Taiwan, and the remaining 13% was consumed in the domestic market through other companies such as bakeries, confectionery makers and instant noodle companies. The company received 3 certificates on food safety from the Department of Industry and Trade in 2013, the Department of Health in 2013 and the Department of Trade and Industry in 2015. It also successfully implemented a HACCP Quality Management Program for their tapioca starch production line in 2015

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers, producers, and employees in the business model.

To increase production capacity, produce high value-added product to access new international markets, the company aims to expand the linkages with farmer groups through farming contracts and introduce new high-yield cassava varieties.

Website: http://longgiangthinh.com.vn/