Call for Proposals (2017)

Đăng ngày 13-09-2017

1. Background


The Inclusive Business Accelerator (IBA) is the first programme in Vietnam that supports inclusive business development with integrated solutions connecting businesses with Funders, Development Funds, service providers and other technical and financial support. IBA is the brainchild of SNV Netherlands Development Organisation, BoP Innovation Center, Venture Capital for Africa (VC4A), and Nyenrode Business University, and is co-funded by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs (DGIS). The programme supports companies to develop and apply innovative Inclusive Business models that deliver both commercial benefits to themselves, and development benefits for people in low-income groups, in terms of job creation, income improvements and availability of more affordable goods and services.


In 2014, the programme started with two local platforms for inclusive advisory services in Vietnam and Mozambique. Since January 1st, 2017, the IBA became an independent foundation (https://iba.ventures/what-is-iba/). IBA Vietnam is one of Inclusive Business Accelerator Locals creating local platform of inclusive business advisory services to identify, incubate and accelerate business solutions to development challenges. To date, IBA Vietnam has successfully supported 40 companies with knowledge, expertise and services to initiate and scale up their business activities in low-income markets.


An Inclusive Business is a business initiative that incorporates members from the low-income population (Base of the Pyramid) into the company’s core processes, generating a win-win relationship. Members from the low-income population typically fill one or more of several roles:

  • Producers: new sources of input supply
  • Employees: new qualified and competitive labour force
  • Entrepreneurs: new distribution networks
  • Consumers: new markets for affordable goods and services


The Base of the Pyramid (BoP) refers to people with a purchasing power of USD 8 a day or less. They are value-demanding consumers, resilient and creative entrepreneurs, producers, business partners and innovators. Because they are largely excluded from formal markets, there is a strong demand for innovative products, services and technologies that provide access to basic needs.


For more information, please visit: https://iba.ventures/


2. IBA Vietnam services and technical supports


IBA Vietnam will provide non-reimbursable funding in the form of technical assistance for the above mentioned services, with support equivalent up to 70% of the total value of the project, but valued at no more than $25,000 per selected Inclusive Business project. No cash funding will be provided. This amount reflects IBA Vietnam’s contribution only, so the total size of the project should be greater. Selection will take place through an open, competitive process.


The main support focus of the IBA Vietnam in this call will be for private sector companies that have a solid growth plan for 2017-2018 and need additional financing and technical support for the duration of three (03) to six (06) months, especially for companies that are:


 (1) Developing and/or implementing strategies that have great potential to generate sustainable benefits for the low-income population by engaging them in the supply chain as suppliers, employees, distributors or consumers; or

 (2) Under transition process or seeking to apply inclusive business model       


3. Timelines






Launch Call for Proposals 2017

Sep 12th, 2017


Guidance and explanation

Till Oct 2nd, 2017


Deadline for proposal submission

Oct 2nd, 2017


Due diligence

Till Oct 7th, 2017


Shortlist announcement

Oct 8th, 2017


Mandatory Pitching Event for finalists

Oct 24th, 2017


Formal notification of co-funding/ technical support decision

Oct 25th, 2017



Oct 25th–Nov 10th, 2017


Service supplier’s selection

Nov 10th – Nov 24th, 2017



Dec 1st, 2017-Jun 15th, 2018



Jun 30th, 2018

4. Eligibility criteria


Applicants should fully meet all the following criteria to be eligible for assessment:

a) The business proposes to involve low-income people in Vietnam in the supply chain, either as suppliers, and/or consumers, employees, distributors

b) Applicants must have one of the following legal statuses:

  • Limited Liability Company or Joint Stock Company registered and operating in Vietnam
  • Cooperative registered and operating in Vietnam

c) Applicants must have maintained operations for at least 1 year (from the date of business registration) with profitable potential in one of the following sectors:

  • Agriculture/Aquaculture/Medicinal Plants
  • Renewable Energy
  • Water and Hygiene
  • IT and other innovations for above-mentioned sectors

d) Applicants must be willing to finance in cash at least 30% of the project budget. Higher score will be given to projects with higher contribution from Applicants.

e) Applicants must commit to actively collaborating with the IBA Vietnam during the implementation and post-implementation of the project by providing information on the impact from the provided support.

Applications that do not fully comply with the eligibility criteria will not be considered for assessment.


5. How to apply


Interested parties that meet the eligibility criteria are requested to fill in the template at goo.gl/oHGfeP. Proposals must be submitted by 17:00 on 2 October 2017 by email to the IBA Vietnam at ibaccelerator@snv.org or by post to:


IBA Vietnam

SNV Netherlands Development Organisation

3rd Floor, Building D, La Thanh Hotel, 218 Doi Can Street, Ba Dinh, Ha Noi, Viet Nam

Tel: 84-4 38463791   Fax: 84-4 38463794


6. Assessment criteria and process


a) Assessment criteria

Presented below are the assessment criteria that will be used for assessment of project proposals. The project proposals will be assessed based on scoring (1-10) of different scoring criteria. In order to qualify for funding, the projects must achieve a minimum unweight score of 7 on all scoring criteria.


Assessment Criteria



Business Viability

  • Business age
  • Commercial experience with the relevant sector or subsector
  • Financial strength to execute the project
  • Market demand
  • Business model with technical viability



Social Impact

  • Business strategy deliberately integrates the low-income segment as part of its value proposition
  • Number of low income beneficiaries
  • Meaningful contribution to the BoP’s livelihood
  • Gender equity
  • % of low-income segment in the business model



Management team

Team capacities, commitment, experience and energy



Up-scaling potential

Up-scaling key factors (commercial, technological, financial) are explicit in the proposal




Level of innovation. IB model, technology, processes




Risks and effects identified and risk management



Environmental impact

Mitigation of the environmental impact



Ability to contribute financing

Did the applicant pay for similar services? Are they willing to pay for upcoming activities?




Structure and expertise





b) Assessment process


The proposals shall be evaluated in two stages.


  • Stage 1: Proposal submission (deadline October 2nd, 2017)


For proposals that are deemed eligible, the IBA Vietnam against the above-mentioned assessment criteria will assess the Proposal. Assessment results will be communicated to Applicants after Stage 1 has been completed. Applicants can contact the IBA Vietnam team for questions concerning the Guidelines and Proposal template. However, the IBA Vietnam team will not be able to provide guidance concerning the formulation of the Proposals, as this would constitute a conflict of interest in connection with our assessment of applications. Shortlisted Applicants will be announced by 8 October 2017.


Due diligence assessments will be conducted on all shortlisted companies in Stage 1. The IBA Vietnam reserves the right to request additional information from the shortlisted Applicants and to conduct a field visit to the Applicants’ headquarter(s) and/or project site.


  • Stage 2: Pitching (October 24th, 2017)


Shortlists will be invited to pitch their proposal at a mandatory Pitching Event ,which is planned to be taken place on October 24th, 2017. At this event, each shortlisted Applicant will be asked to present their innovative inclusive business proposal, which will be assessed by the independent Advisory Panel. The pitches will be followed by a Q&A exchange with the Advisory Panel, for a total of 10 minutes maximum per candidate. The Advisory Panel will make the final funding recommendations. All participants will receive constructive feedback on their proposal.


Maximum five (5) Proposals will be selected out of the Shortlists for the awarding of IBA support. Funding decisions will be made latest by 25 October 2017 and communicated to winning Applicants shortly afterwards.


c) Transparency Commitment


Projects are assessed on a case-by-case basis, and as a whole by the IBA Vietnam management team in Stage 1 and an independent Advisory Panel in Stage 2. Decisions on the awarding of IBA Vietnam support will be made under a fully recorded, transparent and accountable process. Decisions will be taken on the basis of agreed selection criteria. All decisions on the awarding of funding will be taken as a group and no individual member of the IBA Vietnam or the Advisory Panel will be in a position to influence individual decisions.


Any questions concerning transparency of the decision-making process can be addressed to:


Ms. Alison Rusinow

Country Director, SNV Vietnam




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