Sector: Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Funding proposal development

Business description: A social enterprise specializing in the manufacturing, distribution and installation of products utilizing naturally provided energy, such as solar devices, clean cookers and fuels.

Solar Serve currently has two core products – parabolic solar cookers and clean cookstoves – and a number of other related products and services (e.g. solar heaters, solar panel installation). For its two core products, Solar Serve’s target markets are rural communities as well as low-income people in cities.

We estimate that each year one of our clean cookers or solar cookers can reduce CO2 emissions by 1.1 MT and can help retain 1.4 MT of trees, while clean cookers obviously still consume fuel and generate some emissions while solar cookers do not.

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers, distributors and employees of the business model.

Our products benefit both the poor and the rich with alternative energies that help them with radical energy exploitation. The business model also provides stable jobs for people with disabilities and local people who produce solar devices in our center.