Sector: Agriculture Agriculture

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Business description: Founded in 1976, SOUTHERN SEED CORPORATION (SSC) is a seedling manufacturer aiming to reach the world level of seed production technology.

The company provides seeds in Vietnam. Its products include rice seeds; hybrid corn seeds, such as single hybrid corn and hybrid glutinous corn; vegetable seeds, which comprise cucurbit, tomato and pepper, crucifix, beans, and other products; and hybrid forage and pea, as well as hyrbicides, fungicides, and foliar fertilizers.

SSC is establishing a wide network of seed supply agents for farmers in key agricultural areas throughout the country to give farmers a variety of varieties suitable for each season and many ecological zones and will continue to expand the seed supply network to the Lao and Cambodian markets.

Inclusiveness: SSC is committed to pursuing the best quality seed products and services to bring in a great income and opportunity for farmers, agents, employees and shareholders.

We involve low-income groups as consumers, producers, distributors, and employees in the business model.