Sector: Renewable Energy Renewable Energy

Services provided by SNV’s Inclusive Business: Funding proposal development; CSR planning & Implementation; Testing & Piloting products; Impact measurement; Investor-investee matchmaking

Business description: Viet Energy Service and Consulting Joint Stock Company (VIET ESCO) was established in February 2012 by the Energy Conservation Center Ho Chi Minh City (ECC HCMC) and Veglia Company, Japan. VIET ESCO works as a consultant and investment in implementing management measures and technological solutions in order to use energy efficiency, to promote new energy, clean energy, renewable energy development and cleaner production.

Our company:

  • Supports poor families to access sustainable energy
  • Raises awareness and improve capacity for poor people in using energy economically and effectively
  • Supports poor families to access saving energy technology and equipment

Inclusiveness: We involve low-income groups as consumers.

Most of farmers have been drying their agri-products manually and totally dependent on the weather (natural drying), therefore, the products have low-quality (dusty, discontinuous) and low productivity. As a result, income and value-added from the product are low. The demand of the market for dried products is expanded so that the application of drying machine using solar energy in drying agri-products will help farmers, especially poor ones, can be active in drying products, improving efficiency and quality to meet the market’s demand. The price of solar drying machine is not high, however, poor people will find it hard to afford. Our company has a plan to complete the drying machine and provide low-cost one to poor people.